Picking the Right Nail Polish

When you’re choosing nail polish for your at-home manicure or pedicure, you’ll find a rainbow of colours waiting to be discovered. From vibrant brights to barely-there neutrals to bold darks to sheer lights, the options in nail lacquer collections truly seem endless. While this gives you the freedom to find the absolute perfect shade for your manicure or pedicure, it can make it difficult to actually figure out which shade you like the best. Following these five steps will help you simplify colour selection, so you can find the perfect polish in no time.

1. Consider the Occasion.

Start by thinking about where you’ll be showing off your manicure or pedicure. If you’re going to be sporting your nail look at work, is your office more conservative or laid back? If you’re going out for date night, what type of outing will it be – dressy or casual? If your destination is a party, will it be a more elegant affair or a relaxed setting? For more conservative, formal and elegant wear, you’ll want to keep to more traditional colours. More relaxed settings give you more flexibility to try hues.

2. Decide on Your Statement.

After you have thought about where you’ll be flaunting your fingers or toes, you’ll need to think about what type of statement you want to make with your polish. Do you want your nails to be instantly noticeable, or do you want them to put a finishing touch to your ensemble? Is it important that your nails match or complement your outfit? Your lipstick? Your handbag or shoes? Think about what you want your nails to express and how you want them to work with your overall look.

3. Select a Colour Family.

Now that you have thought some about both the occasion and your style statement, you can decide on a colour family. Traditional colour families include red, pink, purple and neutrals. More modern colour families include blue, green, black and orange. Focus in on the colour family that you select to narrow your search.

4. Go Light, Bright or Dark.

Once you have chosen a colour family, decide whether you are looking for a light, bright or dark hue. Lighter colours will be subtler and more conservative, while bright colours are very eye-catching. Dark colours are dramatic and also very noticeable. Eliminate from consideration the colours that aren’t the right level of intensity.

5. Finish with the Finish.

Now, you should be left with a much smaller number of nail polishes to consider, and you can hone in on that perfect hue by comparing finishes. The most traditional nail polish finishes are sheer, which is slightly translucent; gloss or satin, which has shine; and matte, which is sleek and saturated with colour but without much shine. There are also more playful finishes available, such as glitter finishes that sparkle, pearly finishes that shimmer and crackle or shatter nail polish that forms a textured finish on the nails. Compare the finishes of the remaining products and choose the one that will best help you bring your style statement to life and suit the occasion.

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